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Top 5 On page SEO tricks to optimize your website

1) Use domain name in your title and description tag in the meta information section  between .... This is the place where  search engine crawlers starts crawling.

2) Url structure should be related to page , more often called as SEO friendly url structure . Having a target keyword related to product or service always helps search engine crawlers to determine what the page is all about , which in turn helps search engines  to sort and fetch according  search query by user.

3) Try to minimize W3C validation errors. Having valid document  always helps to read your page coding  properly . Page with smooth and valid source code is a plus point to your company's reputation in SERP .

4) 404 Error pages : Purpose is as simple, you don't want to break  interest  of visitors to your site and very important, sugar coating pages for the hackers. So instead of redirecting to usual 404 pages we can design pages depending on basic theme of  our websites so valid users continue to stay on page.

5)Broken link : Fix each and every broken link in a website. Broken links as in inaccessible link on page .In this case  let's say you have either hyperlinked the url which does not exists  or else you have spelled it incorrectly .

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