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Remember 7 points to Optimize your site for Mobile pages

  1. Creating an app depends on the relevancy for the business. If the content of the page is more of reading or related to images, creating an app for the same is not worth it. But if the company provides some kind transaction facilities we can always go for app plan.The major disadvantage to an app is, it’s not picked up in organic search results.The major disadvantage to an app is, it’s not picked up in organic search results
  2. Sites usually have two URLs, one is for desktop or laptops and the other version is for mobiles and tabs, but using asp.net mvc in combination with bootstrap you can have a single url pattern and more on that url will SEO friendly url.
  3. As the percentage of mobile surfing is been increased, so do the mobile optimized pages, as google has dedicated bots for mobile friendly pages.
  4. Use Optimized videos and images to render properly on users device , and make them highly sharable with effective visibility.
  5. Play similarly with meta tags as we do it for classic web portal optimization. This will make your page more searchable as your page is optimized for both mobile and classic websites.
  6. Try using the bootstrap, with a responsive design as in a device independent designing. In ASP.Net MVC 2013 it is implemented by default.
  7. Don't forget to implement mobile xml sitemap.

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