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Google Android plans for wearable computers and affordable smartphones

             Google enters into speedy internet connected home appliances, wearable computers  and affordable smartphones for Indian users. Now Android for smartphones is going to be Android L an announcement by Google. 

          With all new design to compete with Apple and Microsoft flat design, and addition of more vibrant colors, Google is all set to launch its latest Android L version smartphones in the market. 

           Now if you tap the screen, water ripples on tap area due to effects like shadows and animations. Android One the next initiative by Google. 

            Google research revealed billion users of Android and Android One is its Aim of reaching other five billion smartphone users. Planning to launch affordable smart phones and not just a smart feature phone, but Android based smartphones to increase the current ratio of 10% smartphones users in India.

            The bottom range of smartphones in India end to near about Rs 10,000. Loads of other competitors are trying to tap in this segment with similar configuration with latest version of Android.

           So reach out is soon of  Google's Android powered home appliances and affordable smart phones in every hand.

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